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Mill Creek Corporate Center is a 600-acre master planned industrial district located in the heart of the Willamette Valley. An innovative partnership between the State of Oregon and the City of Salem,  the Mill Creek Corporate Center is the largest industrial site under development along Interstate 5 in the region. This premier location is located 45 miles south of Portland and is ready for your business expansion or relocation. The Mill Creek Corporate Center is home to a variety of local and global businesses including FedEx Ground, Home Depot Rapid Deployment Center, Henningsen Cold Storage, PacTrust, Capstone Partners and Amazon Distribution.


Working collaboratively, the City of Salem and State of Oregon created a master plan for the Mill Creek industrial campus that balanced economic development and environmental stewardship goals, and secured permits as well as federal and state funding to create project-ready sites. This advance work, which includes wetland mitigation and infrastructure investments, provides businesses and developers greater certainty in the construction process .

To learn more about locating your business at Mill Creek Corporate Center, contact Annie Gorski with the City of Salem or Erik Andersson with SEDCOR.

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